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Welcome to the global escort directory which gives back!

During the global COVID crisis we were saddened by the suffering and loss of life of our seniors in hospitals and retirement homes across the world. Although lockdowns harmed the prospects of everyone on the planet, older people paid the biggest price, facing poor quality care, lack of equipment, not having loved ones around, and – ultimately, and sadly – death.

We wanted to create a new directory which gives support and hope to the elderly through this crisis, while helping the escort industry get back on its feet after a year of lockdowns. We knew that escort agencies and independent escorts want cost-effective advertising for a very low cost. And retirement homes, hospices and other elderly residences lacked the resources to sufficiently care for their residents, particularly during a pandemic. So we decided to create an escort directory offering ultra-low-cost advertising for independent escorts and escort agencies, with all the income going directly to these residences for the elderly.

And so… Per loro Per noi escort directory was born.

Our advertising rates are among the lowest in the business. It costs just 120gbp (or 120 euros, or the equivalent currency in your country) for a whole year of advertising. What’s more, we don’t even ask you to send us the money. We only ask you to donate that amount to a retirement home, care home or hospice of your choice, and send us the proof of the receipt by email or smartphone.

To find such places, we suggest searching your local Facebook groups, ask your local council, or perform a Google search. While this project was primarily created with elderly people affected by COVID in mind, we also accept proof of donations to other charities affected by COVID, which might be close to your heart. To help with spreading the word about our mission – and boost this directory in the search ranking – we also require you to place our banner on your home page, linking (with a follow link) to our home page. Please insert the banner code from our banners page. If you do not place banners on your home page, no problem – a banner follow link from your links page is fine.

And that’s it. With your donation of 120 euros, (plus the banner exchange) your advert will go on our homepage. You will then enjoy 12 months of advertising for an ultra-low cost, and best of all – you will feel good about helping our elderly through this time of crisis. For an additional 120 euros (also as a charitable donation), you can have a rotating banner on the country page of your choice. This donation amount will increase by just 5% per year, in order to keep up with the cost of living.

Visitate il nostro sito advertise page to sign-up and join this directory. If you are an escort agency owner, you probably already spend hundreds (even thousands) of euros, pounds, and dollars per year on your advertising. By donating to For Them For Us escort directory, you will be spending far less than other directories charge, and at the same time, helping the elderly who have been abandoned in this crisis. Do you have some questions about the process of donating? Then please visit our Pubblicità e FAQ pages.

Many businesses and industries across Europe have already mobilized to help the victims of COVID. These include established corporates and newer start-ups, as well as the non-profit sector. Let’s show that the escorting industry can come together and do something equally as charitable. We even hope that other escort directories will take part in this project, since we are not directly competing with them.

Let’s get together as an industry and show our elders that they are no longer the weakest link, and that they deserve to be better appreciated by younger generations.

We thank you all in advance for supporting this charitable cause!

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