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You are looking for the perfect companion for a business dinner or want to have a relaxed time over the weekend? With our escorts you can expect a comprehensive selection, which means that there is a suitable type for every taste. In Great Britain as well as in the USA or in Europe numerous women are waiting for you, who fit your wishes. At the same time, we offer agencies and escorts a comprehensive service and thus ensure professional marketing. Both for the search for suitable ladies and for their marketing you are at the right place.

The perfect contact point for agencies and escorts

Creating an ad on reputable platforms is usually not that easy. This is mainly due to the fact that time and again dubious providers appear on the market, which at first are not so easy to distinguish from reliable offers. Our claim here at is therefore to offer you a large and comprehensive selection without you having to pay in advance. The communication always takes place between escort and client – completely without commission and new costs.

Also, the costs to be listed on our platform and to use all advantages are extremely low. You only must donate 120 Euros to a nursing home of your choice, while you pay a little extra for additions like VIP or for our Premium Badge. For big agencies as well as for new escorts our model becomes an easy solution. You register, provide all important data, choose the appropriate picture, create a suitable description and take care of professional marketing. It has never been easier to benefit from a comprehensive service.

Individual conditions with each of our escorts

But not only for marketing, but also for handling and arranging new meetings, we rely on flexible and well-thought-out procedures. Each of the escorts listed with us can set their conditions and services individually, which means that the details are already fixed before contact is made. This facilitates the subsequent communication and contributes to a successful and relaxed meeting. The exact information can be found on the details page.

If you have already selected your escort, you can contact her directly on the individual pages of the ladies. Our platform is used exclusively for presentation and marketing, while the contact and the associated agreement takes place directly between the escort and you. Also,the prices as well as the agreed services are much more transparent this way, since the contact takes place with the escort herself and not with an agency. This makes it easy to benefit from a successful transaction for all services.

More advantages for breathtaking meetings

Here at, we offer both escorts and their clients many options to get their full money’s worth. The market in this field is evolving day by day, which is why serious and reliable offers matter. When it comes to successful and integrated marketing, we will be happy to stand by your side. The following advantages await you here with us, so that the next meeting can be safe, unique and of course unforgettable:

  • Discretion: your data is safe with us. Since the direct contact is between you and the lady anyway, you do not have to worry about the protection and collection of your data at all.
  • Selection: A wide selection of ladies is very important to us. This is the only way we can meet the demand to be present in every place and to support you in your search in an uncomplicated way.
  • Globality: Not only in your region, but also internationally we offer you a strong service. This makes it easy to find the right escort and to find her faster.
  • Support: Even if our task is only to simplify your selection, we are happy to answer any questions you may have. Thus, you can expect a far-reaching support with us.
  • Security: We check very carefully who advertises with us and what details can be read in the ads. This way you don’t have to worry about fake offers on the platform.

This is how booking and meeting actually work

As already mentioned, you book directly with the respective escorts. This makes it easy to coordinate arrangements and details in advance professionally, without you being surprised at the meeting. When exactly and under what conditions the meeting takes place, you decide together afterwards. In this way, you secure yourself in personal contact without having to worry about the implementation of the meetings. As a platform, we only contribute to the fact that only real profiles are displayed to you, while we give you and the escort full leeway for the design.

Worldwide for good escorts at your side

Our claim is to be at your side worldwide for the placement of escorts. In this way, you can easily benefit from a fast and uncomplicated escort worldwide, who will accompany you in your activities and plans. Both for simple and quick meetings and for holistic VIP dates, we are at your side and provide the perfect partner. Around your region, we will gladly recommend suitable ladies for this purpose at any time.

If you are looking for an escort for a few hours or for a longer period, we can help you quickly and easily. With a worldwide offer of escorts you will quickly find the right companion to make your event unforgettable. Romance, luxury and passion are the focus of every second.

Start your adventure now – with!

No matter if you want to register as an escort or if you are looking for the right lady – here with us you will get your money’s worth in any case and benefit from unlimited possibilities. Through the detailed descriptions of each escort, you can see which services are the focus of the lady of your choice and what costs you will incur. It is the same with our banners and ads. The exact requirements and details for the advertising can be found in detail in our terms and conditions. This way you always stay on the safe side.

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